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United Shipping Agency has been established in 1993. Our company offers specialized stevedoring services for grain cargoes at Constantza and Constantza South port as well as a full range of connected services, such as ship agency, dry cargo chartering for barges on the Danube river and for vessels to most ports of the world.

Our new and modern grain terminal, built at berths 31-32-33 has a 200,000 metric tons storage capacity and has been designed for the highest productivity and flexibility of operations.

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The competence and competitiveness of our team is known to our customers worldwide. Charterers, Shippers, Receivers and Owners benefit from our experience and devotion to serve their interests. No energy is spared by our team on a round-the-clock basis. Your cargoes and/or ships can be chartered and operated with our assistance to the best economic results.
If you have any suggestions or need further information in our field of activity you are welcome to contact us, please use our contact section from the menu.


United Shipping Agency operates a grain terminal at Constantza port, the fastest one at the Black Sea. The terminal, with its 18 bins and a capacity of 200,000 MT has been designed for maximum flexibility, performing multiple operations simultaneously (find more on this in the “ABOUT US” section). Of course we don’t just wait for the cargo to arrive, but also help our customers to bring the cargo to the terminal, offering transport by barges and also deliver the cargoes from the terminal to our customers’ buyers worldwide, by arranging sea transport by vessels to any port in the world at competitive freight rates.

We wish that our clients can concentrate on doing their business, thus we offer integrated services, providing all the data our customers need about their stocks in our facilities, arranging veterinary permissions and customs formalities for their cargoes, issuing re-forwarding documents at Constantza, ship agency for the vessels operating at our terminals.

Stevedoring is our main field of activity, thus we are continuously focused to expand and improve this sector, investing continuously to upgrade, improve and enhance our facilities, in order to meet and exceed all our customers’ requirements for quality in this fast growing market.

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